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It is not always that the persistent retention in the bladder of a
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employment of galvanism are all very useful in the treatment of many cases of
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per minute for the consecutive periods, as shown in the tables.
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neous, and highly refractile. But even here, with high micro-
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The symptoms of quittor are lameness, swelling upon the
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ful work on the part of its practitioners, but rather because
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too early or too freely, inflammatory reaction is certain to occur, and
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merit and a credit to the Glasgow school. Much of this edition
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was in reality much older than the others, and dated
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have opposed the practice of cremation, but the legislature
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cance when the country was new, it surely demands our at-
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passed through just behind the apex, when the resection of
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(.\) A -ni.dl hok- of cntr\ .nid a -in.dl hole .,1 c\it.
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soft and cystic in some portions and moderately firm
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(Journal A. M. .1., April 8), advises instead immediate closure of the wound,
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71. Becker PM, Feussner JR, Mulrow CD, Williams BC, Vokaty KA:
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and until employment of proper terminology is assured in
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and Tennessee, and in other sections of country cut
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some authors ; such are the tumors of the anus and rectum
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is transferred to a vessel containing alcohol, where it may be kept until required
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Change can be and often is for the worse; it will be in
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the prudent use of stimulants; aided sometimes by cinchona in strong
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I JX Pn,/n,oT af Bvgimr In llm Unlrtr'Uv I'/ Pe^Htwtr-Mlit.
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ered her health and strength so that at present she is
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that several children, born in the Lying-in Institution, of mo-
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In severe cases the pains begin with great intensity and
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of anti-peristalsis. The portion of the tube most distended is that at the
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catgut mats the best device he had seen for intestinal anasto-
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sentence proposed to be introduced by Dr. Quain would run
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covered with a hat, or cap, is a sufficient reason. But I think it can
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no doubt, from other considerations jjut forward, that although both these cir-
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murmur. The exclusion of articular rheimiatism would
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considerable aid in expiration, especially when great debility of
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to fifteen. Trains in six directions throughout New
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