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Phenergan With Codeine Dose Dogs

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until August 25, 1910, she said, that her eyes began to bother her;
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it is considered to be either normal pregnancy or a
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writers laying great stress upon "black measles," one is almost inclined to
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in respect of the new business for which no liability attaches
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In Morris's " Anatomy'' ^ its origin and insertion are most carefully
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or worriel change under careful supervision from home, family, and
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only a most valuable antiseptic, but is also a styptic, and in
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never take a fee. Bowyer, the printer and scholar, always, he tells
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intrabulbaie. Komania nied., Buouresci, 1898, vi, 441. —
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typical form and greatest frequency in warm climates. The facts
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from traumatism ; or from the application of some irritating
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membranes, upon superficial than deep-seated structures. Hunter
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This remarkable drop is thought to bear out the con-
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which are against it;" and that "they may be compared
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my own showing the increasing preva- stages and in the most advanced, and with
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Symptoms. — The symptoms usually develop in the course of an attack
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depression which was extreme. Both the electricity and the massage
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Licenses to Practise Medicine. — The Louisiana Act
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Of course, we are obliged at once to seek further for the explanation of
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deal of difference how the wound has been made. Wounds made with
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Journal of Experimental ^edicine (N. Y.), March 25.
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Civse enal)kshim to speak with autliority of cases and
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ascertained, viz. : that his pain was allayed more effectually by filling the
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The fact that all horses do not possess this natural anti-
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of the Hospital in which his researches were made, and to
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tion. The patient v/as a wiry little woman of 60, with well-
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will be helpful in our struggle for better obstetrics.
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weak, the limbs tremble, the digestion is disturbed, and cosiiveness or
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mind of the nonbacteriologist, however, the reason for
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