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Brown, also of Minneapolis, spoke cn “The Treatment

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are very fond of elderberries, and will climb the trees in search of

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a swelling appeared on the left side of the neck, and this has

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mon in the ear, that the question arose whetlier in any

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condition began to improve immediately. Whenever the doses

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1. If the affection have been induced by dietetic excesses, it is sometimes

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My first experience with this condition was in 1914 and since then

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was very questionable whether it could often be neces-

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seen, in most of which the lining of epithelium was distinctly visible. The tubes

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hope and consolation, besides greatly adding to the ma-

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the joint, again in the calf of the leg, now in the ankle, again in the heel,

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between a dark-haired and one of an opposite or xanthous variety,

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and containing some five or six feet of stratified filtering material of

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results go to confirm the view that the spirillum of Obermeier is the essential cause of

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ber. It is less in the morninsf and in the evening: than at

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Postscript, Decenibcr 1st. — Since the foregoing was written

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public why his department exists. Although that sounds fairly sim-

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care, however, to leave the face open, and on no account to impede

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disease, who are debilitated by overwork, insomnia, amemia, chlorosis,

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either in intensity or duration. She continued insensible be-

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Alton (second^ 5s.; H. J. Mathew, Esq., Horsham, l^s.

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rectal surface of the bladder will be pressed upward

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theatres, large stores, public buildings, etc., and on the

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ment that the variation in the estimates of the population

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nearly every State in the Union. It is odious that the

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tive increase the risk of injury. The desire to have anxiety relieved as

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metallic instruments through the urethra into the bladder.

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tion is performed by the aid of axillary crutches, a high patten

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fol. 15 = 57. 22 aesenneb, H. B. 28 -me *p, O. 21 napcipu, Y. B.

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at this time at least inclines to dissipation of various

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special changes in cases of renal cancer, though some have claimed to

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Zinci Valerianas. — Valerianate of zinc. A nervine tonic. Dose,

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