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In choleraic diarrhoea. Dr. Lownds always found the stomach and bowels so
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rash and reckless experiment, by a man who acknowledges himself in-
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Among 23 general paralytics Lesser and Michaelis found
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sulted in the operation of ovariotomy, fiom the in-
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haemorrhage in John de Vigo's writings ; but the passage
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water gotten from a well. The high school suffered much from the fever and had
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wall, much good may be done and even in isolated cases
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un tho tiixth day. Hh iiiiinodiato oaiiHO wan iiHiially heart fail-
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normal after a time. The theory of the spinal localization of the centers for the
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varied aspects, paraplegia, hemiplegia (Nothnagel), sensorial paralyses, vesical
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spongy structure. (6) Rarer stones, such as amorphous and incompletely
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the surface with all of the bile. Stools now contained no bile. A Jacob's
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there are several cribriform openings which will admit the point of a probe
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certain fatty mixtures — e.g., of milk fat or cod-liver oil — are necessary
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all probability, the Kill was not considered in any commit! f the Senate.
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that the profession must be united against ophthalmic quacks
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half a glass of whisky in half a tumbler of water, and one cigar,
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in short, all the appliances for comfort and conveni-
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day taking little notice of anything; w^as able to say few words and
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else, such as syphilis or arteriosclerosis, but not true
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and have them embrace a county instead of a town or city.
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is properly treated, either at its home or at some hos-
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but purgatives and small doses of tartar emetic often relieve symptoms. The
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which there is loss of consciousness there may be micturition during
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age ; some of the worst of joints in young children ;
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Konig, by two rubber membranes with an air-space between, whose form can be
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nudes. The temperature frequently varied from the typical,
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^90ci9ted withfuUness and hardness, when it clearly indicates irritation
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tion of the exacerbations. At 2 p. M. she died in a violent and
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Depaul's investigations were very keen and his conclusions were exceed-
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mittee, embracing the Faculty and two physicians, mention

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