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expect that the constriction is not unusually tight.

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what I intended to do, only that I would not sacrifice her tubes and

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the base of the curtains as seen from the auricular aspect of

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no more propriety in any longer delay than there would be iu advising

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what the cause of the bronchitis is ; and it is well to r emember

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titioner, vol. xviii., p. 281.) Not only do they contain figures

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sometimes an object to support the head in a desired

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the Public Health law was introduced in the Assembly

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sembles in its pathology the like infection of the oviducts. It would

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skoi bolnitsie i o llecheuii niekotoriykh bolleznel podkou-

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certain alkaline mineral waters, tuberculin, and menstruation may in-

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of camphor " is added to a pint of boiling water contained in an inhaler or

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ease, I should unhesitatingly choose first the high alti-

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Congenital pigmented, apparently benign, mole of the axilla ( Fig. 1 ) 238

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'-'7 t li'j)orts, lietiospectn, and Svimti/ic InttUiycnce.

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srroove meet and coalesce, so that the trace of the inflected fold

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to enable us to learn whether there is any rule. Serious irregularity coming

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of which caused an entire disappearance of the cedema

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view — of Fowler's arsenical solution, of the sulphate of zinc, of the car-

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Much of our present knowledge of diseases of the heart is the outcome

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the second cervical vertebra was found fractured completely across

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(? sheep's) was found and comparatively easily extracted. As a per-

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eight years, was the only son of Matthew Baillie, M.D.,

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small- pox by vaccination. It is too true, that great prejudices

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3. By absorption of irritating substances or of products of

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circulat'ng blood, which must be alkaline, and oxygen.

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175. GufiRlN. The Prodromal Stage of Typhoid Fever.

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the super-imposed skin ; by inability to open the mouth, or

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the service of the same hospital on the third day of the disease.

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417) gives the total number of days lost in the period.

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Then maybe the next shift would have gotten this one.

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7. A Case of Shell-Wound of the Heart Causing Complete

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