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singly or in groups, forming, when in sufficient num-

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advance is this: In case of traumatic cataract, with rapid increase of intra-

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deceased and two of his sons, and he drew a pistol to intimidate them. He

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it must be under such conditions as we are now considering. Stokes

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Pulse strong, but differs in character and intensity in the two arms, 70 per minute ; apex beat

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Oxydum antimonii. The London College have, we think pro-

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inon, especially in yomig subjects, the best plan is to employ igni|iuiict-

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comial pneumonia using topical and parenteral antimicrobial agents. Am Rev Respir

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and intense interest in medical matters as was his less demon-

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working now and are going to be beneficiaries at some later

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that he agrees with Annesley, who considers it a sure indica-

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but> on the extremities, breaking out in a more irregular form.

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clinicians to-day condemn its use and resort to ice and

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corpuscles, entire or in fragments. The indifferent cell may become en-

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From that time, she was free from pain, but spoke of an un*

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Editor, 'W'illiam Osier, M.D., F.R.C.P., Professor of the Principles and Practice

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b}^ third persons in imagination, the more rapidly do difficulties swell to

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over-activity of the spleen is produced by an exaggeration of the normal

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W. ferox R. Blanchard 1896. London Zoological Gardens and in Asia.

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At the line of separation, the base of the appendix was seen,

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a similar function, and its explanation is to be sought in the excretion of the

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parts of water, morning and evening, by means of a thick, short-cut charpie

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To the Bacillus Bulgaricus is attributed the power of dis-

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that you see the value of this mode of ' taken up by mechanical suspension in water,

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the screen, showing the very short duration for which this high voltage is

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Official List of Changes of Statiom and Duties of Offi.-

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ing from the streptococci present in the skin lesions. This death,

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have administered to the following complaints with great success, to

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came under my care. The foot presented the deformity that is so

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primarily an organic disorder of one of the large digestive glands,

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cases of great emaciation, not accompanied by any unusual

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the bladder were restored to their normal state. Some time

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<apriti les Teux ; dans 1* Historic de *1 Acad6mie Boyale des Sciences, AnnA, 1727.

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The opinion of investigators at this station is that raw potatoes are of

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