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more common to see the soft parts of the finger swell with exfoliation of the

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until the appearance of this characteristic sign of death.

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continued the practice almost daily until she was fourteen. At this age she

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may be an increase of the frequency of the acts to twenty -five or thirty per

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Dr. J. G. Wiltshire, of Baltimore (present by invitation),

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condition. 3rd. The disappearance of the paralysis, commencing shortly

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we diminish pressure upon the aI)sorbents, and allow

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All this prolongs and renders difficult a procedure that depends

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Carbo Animalis. Animal Charcoal. (U. S. & B. P.)

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to be carried out from one to four hours at a time three times

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necessary. When the results are negative, the latter test may be advisable.

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agement of the fourteen State charitable institutions

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muscles for extending the arm. The upper bone ends in a point

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in respect to the influence of the continuous | bility remains the same,

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not probable that the toxic substances had been uniformly difi^used

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The treatment consists, first, in the removal of the cause by the mnri

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Consultants and Consultations. — In the course of a re-

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2. They were much less hsemolytic, and hence caused no blood-

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becomes alkaline and offensive. Cystitis may be acute or chronic, and

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Professor of Surgery at Creiglitoii Medical College, Surgeon to Presbyterian and St

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fumigation only hastens the saturation of the blood

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the point of origin is not generally preperitoneal or subcuta-

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and comprehensive form. Dr. Otis's book is primarily

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for the city that a voluntary system of notification should be

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rate the sternohyoid and sternothyroid on either side at the middle

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attended with sudden shootings, and generally with throbbing, which is

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tercourse, and a few days after the last exposure, the

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character, but for their own intrinsic merit, and their agreement with the

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commenced and progressed in a woman to the second stage during sleep.

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Unna {Dermatologische Zeitschri/t, 1894, Heft 1), in a study of hyaline

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