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sis ; Differential Diagnosis of Eruptive, Typhoid, and Typhus Fevers ;

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reason, but rarely emplo^-ed ; so that there remains

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show a tenacity of life sufficiently strong to resist fre-

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Geneve, 1888. viii, 521-537, 1 plan, 1 ch. — Zausailoff

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myelitis. A hemorrhagic eruption, or herpes, if present, strongly sug-

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have been able to supervise the work of not only one but

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duction of urea in the system. This will vary within wide limits according

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doors, when the weather is favorable ; undressed and in bed other-

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2. In a section made at a point 6 mm. above the apes of the

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making an effort to meet the responsibilities placed upon her shoulders

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highest 'character, and is eminently fitted for just such a benevolent

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He had laid great stress upon the harmfulness of evis-

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contraction, the maximum number of fibres being engaged only at

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hospital facilities available for obstetric the same as for surgical patients,

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remaining solid portion of tumour was still too large to be drawn

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in keeping the mouth clean and sweet, by brushing the teeth and using

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syphilis. He had lield this view until he sa\v the first of the cases now referred

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was stated: "While one could not positively call it be-

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be3^ond a doubt, and it is for this purpose that they are prescribed.

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1. Excision of wound and suture. — Of these there were

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save that the cavity did not appear quite so large. Treatment

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After the room is emptied the walls and their surfaces are flushed,

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hospital the morning after the injury. Although he had received several

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completed in from one to four days in all the above cases. In Case 1

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pleasant and efficacious to be driven about at a moder-

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found in the anterior column a degeneration much more exten-

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are forging ahead, and in some districts evidently intend

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Mr. Herbert TilleY referred to Sir Malcolm Morris's recent paper ' con-

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51,693 women have been delivered of 52,033 children, there having

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