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at the apex ; both recovered. Then it occurred in a
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Etiology. — These points are of special interest in the etiology
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south, almost divided into two equal parts by some buildings. This
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flames, vield much deposit : while the amylic lamp, burning
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symptoms, such as coma, convulsions, restlessness, sleeplessness, and con-
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lierter Talusfiaktur. Fortsi hr. a. d. Geb. d. Rdntgen-
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contained, apparently, in a sort of cyst. The child, who was
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be preceded by the symptoms of cerebral disturbance, due to the ex-
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clean paper in the form of a little spoon. These spoons
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of nature, the beginnings of which were bound up with it in a greater or
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gums), discoloration, bronzing of the skin, spongmess of the nails
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jority of the professors are French, and the salary is somewhat more
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examination is made, we often find the streptococcus in pure culture,
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The average outhouse is no credit to the school premises.
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Dr. James Perrigo, professor of gynecology, will have asso-
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Small subdural extravasations are often found after death without any
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the practical character of the original work. In fact
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heroin. For all forms of spasmodic cough, and especially for
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freak on the part of the disease to wake up once more all in one day.
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Of our eight patients suffering from hydramnios, five
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the kidney in the surrounding connective tissue and peritoneum,
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The Leukocytes. In well-compensated cases the leukocyte count
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est imaginable affinity for oxygen, is blood freshly drawn
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Frericks claims the line of dulness posteriorly in hydatid disease to be a curved
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''lager-bier." A parallel case had been recently cited
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know precisely where we stand legally in possessing this building, a portion of which is
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was that the child would die shortly, and I was asked to remove the
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Grassi and Callandrucio (1888c). According to Magalhaes, the large
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are made from the symptoms of paralysis of the external rectus and
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also sent for Dr. Smith, that he might see the case and
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with another 3 ml of 1:10,000 epinephrine with cessa-

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