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increased to two and a half feet, and the membrana tympani was

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on account of subterfuge or pretence of disease. The

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dark-field examination negative, does not appear to influence the

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The latest practice is to combine the injections of " 606 " with

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in cancerous and atrophic conditions. Bile may or may not be present.

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that, as I interpret it, strongly pointed to an aneurismal origin of it.

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The male organs consist of testes, vas deferens, vesiculcE seminales,

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self is not characteristic aside from the bacteriological

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ness. Georgetown University School of Nursing, Wash., D. C, Mar. 19, 1975.

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the native born. This seems to be a further argument for

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action on their surfaces, and to press their sides together. They

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recent letter. Mayor Low, of New York City, sums up the

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son's method, contain as much as 500 units of antitoxin per c. c. ; and

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those methods which he employs in his own practice, in order

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become apparent in about three months, and as many more elapse before the

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very useful. If there is insomnia, chloral may be given,

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cholera epidemic no cases occurred in quarantine among 634

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author of Lectures on the Temper and Spirit of Christianity, aud on the Principles of Education. Stc

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Assizes of the Seine Inferieure. France, recently con-

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technique of diseases of the stomach, and the entire section on diseases of the

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cardiogram showing 11-1 block as a result of right vagus stimulation. Before

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touched the facial, occipital and temporal veins. P. K. G.

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This disease was first described by Luther Bell, an American alienist,

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contagious. If we compare the two groups, the characters of which

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divided as follows : — Two front houses, five floors, four

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the feeding-bottle, are the drugs I have found most ef-

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5:15 p. m., 0.25 c.c. antipneumococcus serum subcutaneously. No reaction.

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ter into anastomoses with any other of the ^ j^^^^ ^-^^^ ^^ ^ diseased appendix.

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continuous infusion of nitroglycerin in patients with coronary

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