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From these cases and these examinations, therefore, it would appear
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food should be of easy digestibility and small in bulk.
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as an important symptom and one of great semeiolog-
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his objection, and in testimony of the excellent work that he
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than that of 1851 ; it now approximates the strength of the
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all the patients coming from Bengal, and all being Hindoos.
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toxins besides those of the pus-producing organisms give rise to the
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extremities are large and powerfully muscled, but the hands and feet are
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ture with serum. In this respect flavine differs from all
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cotmtry by the labours of Professors Huxley, Rolleston, of
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the food are rendered easily soluble, whilst the alkaline secretions of
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criticism of that portion of the paper which deals with the
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ability to emptv the bladdi^r tho-oughly, and decided to
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shield may be tried. The crusts should be removed by bathing them with
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per cent.) produced in guinea-pigs macroscopical and microscopical
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ever, gives more room for the introduction of the hand,
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life of the patient. The date of his second operation is not upon record.
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ing the foregoing paragraphs is not personal, and is not done
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ot the face was a little larger than the left, the right facial
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decomposing readily sulphuretted hydrogen, ammonia, j them with water, and j^lacing them in shallow vessels;
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trical properties of the remedy might be derived from this
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considered. The physician may assure the patient of the absence of any
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MENTAL patients have every comfort that their home affords.
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ing, the sensitized malarial plasmodium would be in order.
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been recently recommended, and bitter beer, although assuredly

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