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extended with the toes pointed, though several varieties of club-foot may
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on, being prepared with an Esmarch bandage to check the bleeding
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In the third class the lungs present a mass unequally thrown up into
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In loco elauso, prope partem aflfectam, et super metallo rite cale-
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beyond an uncertain and actually dangerous operation, or
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yellow fever, and that I am first to speak and to make appear.
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of the world. Laveran has seen such cases in France, von Leyden
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to be best. In countiT practice, and even in towns of moderate size, wounds generally heal
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"we have seen to be one of the principal modes in which the disease proves
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causing the orbicularis palpebrarum to act at a corresponding
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It is true, in a general way, that we speak of disease as
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Railway Surg., Chicago, 1890-7, lii, 341-340.— Molfese (G )
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ten thousand who died. Certificates were required before drug-
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been partially supplied by the election of seven new members.
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porary closure by clots being disturbed through movements of the
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that they fix the cervix in an unalterable position.
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even leaving the cysts full of cloudy contents, or producing true bone tumors
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the septum each time a deeper, injury, that finally results
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Moreover, the wound healed with a rapidity characteristic of
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with false membrane, or adherent to the opposite surfaces by means
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seeing that are physicallv of importance, which are the cerebral vision,
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fatal result. This occasional exemption, which seldom happens
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take place. But if the putrid poison is ouce formed the glycerine
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patient, fifty years, and the history of having passed gall-stones two or
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the internal organs of patients who have died of chronic mercurialism.
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Northampton. These thre3 Practitioners cannot do all the
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has no tendency to eventuate in exudation. And in the other afTectioni
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a large portion of the documents, including 120 letters from
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says : In general terms, I may say, neuralgia is the outgrowth
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mations of each separately. But could such results be added
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It will be noticed that of the thirteen deaths, which came
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appearance at its cutaneous orifice. Hebra has, however, himself seen a
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owing to our honored confreres, or rather forefathers.
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therein. The cases were then followed to autopsy and
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Ordered a cathartic, as his bowels have been confined.
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relevant information, to reason and deliberate, and also, to

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