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and girls ; and we ought to do this with the feeling that the
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the title. It will be found convenient by those who believe
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been confined of a stillborn child, and to the latter that she had never been
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a given case, I believed the liver injured I should make an
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4. Gatzimos, Schulz and Newnum : Cystinosis — Lignac-
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of chloral hydrate or bromide of potassium. One-sixth of a grain of
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This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/
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cold nor in tropical heat is hard work of mind or body possible to the
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becwne greatly aggravated. Occasionally the tips of the fingers and toes.
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|iriniitted, or in fact any method of treatment. To save this
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carditis the least amenable. Experience has shown also that depleting
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tured judgment, and his perfect conscientiousness —
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and regular exercise in the open air, with special reference to
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lavages should be very frequent, every hour or even
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malarial infections are endemic, but there are numerous districts in which
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functions of the livei are almost if not entirely arrested for seve-
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risk of ventral hernia. When no opening has been made into the vagina
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opening the mouth I saw a reddish, lobular body, having its
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considered in a paper presented a short time ago before the New York
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the light of day be not too intense compared with that of the coloured
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thelioma of both forms is generally softer than this tumor was, and it
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degeneration of the arterioles, but this so-called degeneration is only an accu-
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pneumonic affection is really more a passive congestion, arising
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itories and tonics. A few days after, acute pain was felt in the abdo-
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in girls is most frequent'y found at this time leads to the
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those of the primary disorder. Direct physical signs are available for
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four separate years. The Illinois law requires further that all applicants who graduated since July, 1923,
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desire for alcohol or other narcotics is a symptom of
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of a proper appreciation of their individual views.
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ent at the end of a week. During the first two days
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and shows the applicability of this doctrine both in
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that, however obscure the origin of a species might be, a com-
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fani various causes, the names based upon it have no special pathological
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the Middle Ages can assert that, under these circum-
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site is near the os internum, thus approximating pla-
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patients with tuberculosis but no other clinical evidence of
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toxication and not an infection. In the epidemic of 1915-16, Mathers found

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