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out the bath treatment without instruction and experience. If many

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fluid effusion in damping vocal fremitus ; that solid growths, whether in

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2nd and 3rd lumbar arches and Inferior right artlcnlar, tprooess of

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lying (h'e|i in the flexoi' tendons, and that they mav be

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The Committee reported as follows : Chairman, Nelson M.

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vein. The odor of the acid lingers about the animal for a

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were noted. Parental intemperance gave a percentage of 19 "57 at the

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successive period. They appear to be two or three times more common

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in the ' Transactions of the Royal Medico-Chirurgical

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side, while the inner half of the fibres of each tract decussates

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this change in the synovial, parasynovial, or cartilaginous

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jected subcutaneously over the biceps muscle at 5 o'clock

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blood is a frequent symptom. When these adenomatous polyps undergo

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instead of on the second or third day, as is more common in acute

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in the morning; and with this sponging, a cold or tepid bath two

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1. '' To avoid as far as possible, bringing the integument

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in connection with it. At times, in cases which ultimately recover,

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should be modified to suit each case, just as we modify the dosage of

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The following quotations seem necessary to give the

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conditions of diffusibility. Influenza does not exceed in its diffusion the

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are imperfectly burnt up in the absence of the carbohydrate. As a result of

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capable of warding off and of curing typhus, as the famous curry-

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In all epidemics of a severe type cases now and then occur in which

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more dangerous to fighting armies than the bullets of the enemy.

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ery from syphilis. He is now apparently free from the

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of 30 centigrammes three times a day. Balsam of Peru, turpentine, and similar

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In addition to improvements in the surroundings of the patient,

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expulsion of the child, whenever the presentation has been natural.

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tainly successful if thoroughly done — i. e., if Meckel's ganglion

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