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this port have been notified by the Treasury Department

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nature, we must try something more effective than the cynic's

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Hippocampal sclerosis can also be seen in infantile spasms

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not appreciably affecting the peripheral leukocytes, had just as little

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Anatomy.- — The pathological-anatomical changes in rinder-

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bilities than does the resident at more advanced levels of

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llclted from meinl>ers of the profession throngli

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Symptoms. — Cough, dyspnoea, and copious expectoration.

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9. Kellner, F. : Herzklappenfehler und lung tuberkulose.

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it terminated fatally on the thirty-fourth day. " On

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1. It is well known that neutral salts depress the osmotic pressure

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poliomyelitis, or acute encephalitis of the nuclei of the

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of good arteries resulting from the following vices:

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mal, averaging lower than all the other types of abnormality. The

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subcutaneous connective tissue, would act in a similar

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231-239, 1 pi.— Grubcr (W.) Ueber den Musculus plan-

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ity, and, after a moment at rest in this condition, slowly

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can be readily demonstrated. The blood-corpuscles appear to have in great

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excessive fatigue, violent pain of any kind, inflam-

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gegen die Toxine der Typhnsbacillen. Ztschr. f. Hyg. 11.

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of acute suffering. At no time was there the slight-

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their great size at the end of pregnancy, is another

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time. This method was continued to the end, with increasing

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Ililili-clh iJ. L.) How Russia cares for her fonnd-

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lecture on chemistry. He made no other meal until his return nest

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