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ate result. 1 am not going to interfere with Dr. Henry's action ; he can take what action he
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As a case of accidental hemorrhage has just been given, it may
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and then bag it again in a piece of some other fine
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There are several classes of general paralysis with syphilitic histories
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only temporarily insufficient. With rehef of the obstruction and clini-
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was obtained in hospital : fer can be induced in guinea-pigs by feed-
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poverty be thus neglected — nay, aggravated — by withholding the balm
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been said of the essentially mental nature of the symptoms of
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dication in the treatment of fractures and other severe injuries
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experience in more than three thousand confinements. Some
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A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations.
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In Acne Vulgaris when one can keep the patient under proper
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cient, or if there be any indication that pns has travelled
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' cormollote ' in British Guiana ; ' torcel ' in Venezuela ; ' nuche ' in
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hygiene to the four subjects of anatomy, physical diag-
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Regarding the baby itself. On hot days take its clothes o&, sponge
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spring up, and as the land is properly drained, they diminish in frequency,
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orally. Occasional side effects reported with this dosage are nausea, dizziness
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toms seem to be due to a common cause. Senator says
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Philip Stno Phtsick, m. d., of Philadelphia, an honorary
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date. By a series of flaps of skin obtained from peri-
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alarm provided the breathing is regular, and the pulse
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plete ; it is only segmentary. In dependent positions large poly-
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lesions. There are no characteristic tissue changes in these le-
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and injected in their lower and posterior portions.
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free from cracks, the possibility of subsoil pollution of the ground-
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nective tissue cell. The cells seem to be arranged in rows rather like
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and he could not explain how the same agent (electricity)
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vical plexus. Other circumstances of this case, and the addi-
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cerebral symptoms with intense jjain in the head. He was
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F. E. SHIDEMAN, M. D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
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The following case, reported by OUivier, (D 'Angers,) pre-
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given 100 gm. butter in 100 gm. seven-times boiled string beans.
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that the Hospital was for "poor and homeless lying-in women."

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