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in which all the phenomena of leucocythemia were present excepting the

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have easily occurred in two ways — ^many cases may have been non-

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lar to that of London. It is considered that in France, about one half

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occurring in the female have their origin either in func-

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modern predictions, the lamb was not in the stomach of the

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make periodic examinations of rats, in order to determine

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There are benevolent societies whose secretary receives

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influence in the several seats of its chief action, in succession,

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It is interesting to notice, however, that the addition of twenty-

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nucleus. Alternating calculi, consisting of alternate layers of uric acid,

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tained their weight; but by adding a certain amount of fat to the

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mild scarlet fever ; and mild scarlet fever may, in like manner,

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exemplified in a lady under my care at present, where acute

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ization and pressure were but slightly involved. The above-mentioned diminu-

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ited field of observation. The belief probal)!}' originated in an occa-

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size of a common pea (3 to 5 grains) dissolved in a little water.

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and ribs of the left side, and the whole extent tender upon pressure.

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its upper part, and is allowed to swing well away from it

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depressors of the jaw. When, however, the convulsive fits

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8 weeks, it may be almost impossible to believe that it is the

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It is a question of some interest to know whether the sub-

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Physician who would relish such labors and have a laudable ambi-

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laise, anorexia, thirst, digestive and psychic disorders, rapid breathing,

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give me credit. I have tried to keep my own special vagaries in

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system in each of 1 0 cities throughout the State. In

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but more usually not much alteration in the size of the growth

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