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been painted while De Mondeville was still living. The master is

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Reprinted with permission from The Western Journal of Medicine,

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stage IS drawmg to a close a sponge over with tepid water is most

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procedure is not imperative in all the ocular manifestations of

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of cut or kind, meat provides biologically complete protein

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the neck in the course of the sympathetic, the negative

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former view ; but that the latter is the true one seems to be estabUshed by

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Hospital on the 20th January, 18<i5, having been recommended to

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It mentions a certain " aqua mirahilis," composed largely

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was a non-renal form of albuminuria which it was im-

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certain, however, that its rise must depend, less on increasing

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receive under their instruction such as are deficient in education or mental en-

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e patogenesi della melauemia e della iufezioiui malarica.

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sometimes vomiting, which generally becomes biliary;

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lines. Rays passing from a rarer to a denser medium

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untoward event occurred — severe vomiting, as the result of the anaesthetic, took

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" Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss des chirurgischen Scharlachs aus dem Kinderspital zu

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scales are the principal carriers of the contagion — all the

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Francis M. Perrlne, in Dansville, N. Y., July 12, aged 72. He was

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by direct pressure or because the vessel springs from the sac itself.

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action being purely chemical and independent of the gastric juice. The

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are attached to the inhalers, should hold the aerosolized

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and he could not explain how the same agent (electricity)

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tion, about equally marked on both sides of the heart,

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of the voltaic arc, which was emitting yellow lights absorbed the

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leaving out prepositions and conjunctions and superfluous words. Verbs

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supplying the nuclei in the floor of the fourth ventricle. In older persons

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treatment by the continuous current. This man was readmitted into the

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Contraindications: Renal diseases, and patient's sensitive to the drug. In

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