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1884, u. s., xiii, 577-579. — Cold (D.) La maniere de propa-
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invading the superior temporal convolution on both sides. The rest of
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observation of the blood-vessels of an inflamed, transparent part of the
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the entire mucous membrane, from immediately above the
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Is presenting the histor}' of the case indicated in the
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When Dr. Kouth first saw the patient, she had been in labour
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Pilocarpine as a Prophylactic against Diphtheria. — The
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that his successful career was due to the excellent training
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subject we have before us. But it is a just and righteous
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scope of the work and the character of subjects dis-
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cular condensation at the apex <d'tlio loft lung, and the cicatrization of a
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absolutely no idea of intensity of the perception from the resulting
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many young hookworms in their intestines, Dr. Nicholson has made some important
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perfectly fresh bodies. Why A. should die in the water from
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of opinion that it may be considered as panophthalmitis, or
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children's hospital exposed some of its inmates to attack ;
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of acute articular rheumatism which terminated fatally eight days
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that a small dose can transform a lymphosarcoma, where a larger
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cation. Just before the arrival of the Doctor, the boy vomited, and
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penter, who remained in a cold and shivering condition for eight
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The spiral distribution and movements of the atoms and
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procedures described, scarcely come under the definition of "agencies
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the calf of tiie leg, with collapse symptoms, while tiie
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stantaneous, a feeling of quiet and comfort being produced, llie Canadian
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the oppression and wheezing cease, the cough becomes trifling, the
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is separated by the same signs, and by the characteristics of the hyda-
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would here add a special warning lest mucous casts or shreds or vegetable

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