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short to be clear. Much practical advice is noticed throughout,

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1893 a. — Color of a host audits relation to parasitism. [Extract from letter]

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As the country is being developed, an increasing band

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infiammatory products; in the second place, upon the size and the con-

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Microscopical examination of portions of the large mediastinal mass and of

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nalis for Secondary Tubercular Disease.— By J. A. Hutch-

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Again consider, and a^ou will see that the heart when its

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given if the potassium salt is not well tolerated, as it is much better

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from its freedom from irritating effects on the stomach

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of sleep and of exercise is one of the best precepts of long lasting.

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held in Hendersonville, October 12, 1922. There were eighty-one

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Of course, the baths must be omitted when there are

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ed to fill a highly important function in the economy of one of the

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turn to his native country he has still the most im-

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what thickened. There was also a little abscess the

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They are apt to occur especially under mental excitement. Sometimes

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more doubted. Some say all cases of pleurisy are due to bacilli, yet we draw off

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to be inhaled in a concentrated state, and this has been

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(Reprint from New York Medical Journal, 1871.) New York ;

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might be benefited by treatment, and those in which

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greatest possible degree, and said she could compare

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is the only measure of the functional activity of the kidney. As we have already

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On August 3, 1893, I was called to see a young woman,

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In reptiles there was a fair development of the sense, and in

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ing into the question of priority in discovery, many

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Course, Duration, and Termination. — From the initial pain to the

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if the barbs are discovered, and they appear to be short and small, they ought to

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cover his arms and shoulders with a warm jacket, and

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Examples of acquired immunity are less rare. We sometimes see

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