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The above case, however, acquires great importance from

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the joint, again in the calf of the leg, now in the ankle, again in the heel,

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give tliis, the fifth edition, anything more than a

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chronic discharge which has lasted ever since, with exacerbations from time to time.

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Mrs M., aged 25, fourth pregnancy. On arrival the right arm

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blocks one inch square. Dust with powdered sugar and

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of her moral character. If the "burial of modesty in science" means anything

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Is this the respect that is due our profession, gentlemen? And

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for a year and a half; is quite regular, the last period being a fortnight ago. Has

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hour ; then remove from the fire ; now add the butter and sift

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ber of the WISPAC Board of Directors and co-chair of the SMS/WNA

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laxity or softness to the tissues, which, in consequence, have

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production takes place by formation of zygospores. The asexual

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Nasal Catarrh in Dog and Horse from L inguatula Taenioides, 119

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blood was not made until twenty hours after the operation.

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Agent for New Jersey. Persons wisiiing to purcliase

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since the very earliest study of malarial infections. Mountainous regions

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distressing, we are often able to relieve it by giving sips

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person who has reached his thirtieth or fortieth year is thence-

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its predecessor until the last disappears behind the left muscle.

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■ which are stationary, progressive, or critically ill, in spite

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substance of the lungs, producing a condition not unlike that of ordinary

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ed, of some pain in the muscles of the face ; but this

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spection ; and the recognition by the trans-Atlantic

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minims of whisky, twenty minims at a dose thirty min-

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causes of this great loss of life, among the poorer classes

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Table III. The reason why we again took up the inves-

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2. By contact (galvanism). Of the electricity of contact the following cur-

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