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Cjlsb V. — Miss D. A. was admitted to a private hospital on
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that if we could have succeeded in keeping the fragments
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tional activit; in emotional and intellectual acta which increase the j
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Symptoms. — Metritis is generally a trivial ailment, attended with slight
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ever, as my researches progressed, the degree of infec-
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that as far as I have been able to get a report from the counties in thfe 10th
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stricture in order to render dilation more complete. The
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One reason why Disease of the Heart was formerly overlooked
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human tuberculosis to be conveyed both by inhalation and
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other toxical eti'ects than those referable to that element.
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Various other eruptions have .also been mentioned as
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connective tissue and the evident simultaneous change of the liver-
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and digestion. The pathological condition referred to is inanition. The
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distinguishing any particular epidemic, which so largely determine
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Fraxsture of the hones of the hand — SyTn/ptoms, — ^Usually crepitus
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Degeneration, with Remarks on the Subject of Amyloid Degeneration," by Drs. P. H.
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curative value. It must not be forgotten that only a comparatively
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case which Dr. Dana had read. Dr. Rodgers had been on
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son's description, one of us having made several experimental inocu-
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in some instances, immediately in others, has been a diminu-
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this as the most important sign of danger in the administra-
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r fS mainly to the larynx, a small must.^d P-**- ;- f ^^^^^
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whose mother was tuberculous. Dr. Jacobi went on to
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riques chez les hyst6riques," "Jour, des soc. sc," No. 5, 1889), while
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its volume is constant. But we may admit that in the stomach no
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d. pliys.-med. Gesellsch. zu Wiirzb., 1895, n. F., xxix, 189-
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' left the room, and, if the sound of his chariot is
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7. Rfiiidxal I'l 'lif .id\.iiurd (Irc-MiiL; ^l.ilioii.
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movements, suggest a pernicious ansemia, a diabetes, or an advanced phthisis.
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2. The " Right- Angle " Continuous Intestinal Sutures. Hay-
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els had been previously unloaded) and a full dose of opium
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tory bile-ducts, that we shall refrain from giving a detailed description
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regard the former condition as a manifestation of the latter. Their
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resilient qualities while the synovia is increased and presses the bones

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