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developes itself, caustic applications ought to be employed. If the malady be re-
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capers, a little grated lemon peel ; add a thickening of butter
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Ferd. C. Valentine. Discussed by Drs. Beck, Manley, and New-
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a few days was called to see a lady set. 45, sick two days,
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acute indigestion or poisoning by some substance in the stalks.
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A girl, twenty years of age, who for some time had been
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appalling inscription may at last take its place. I hope it is seen by every
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JSesohed, That his contributions to medical literature, enriched as they
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Causes. — This is generally caused by the animal falling over
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"obliged to go to bed with slow fever," and it only re-
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chondroses, perhaps not often disturbing these attachments,
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instrument. In Reg. v. Ankers (Warwick Lent Assizes, 1845), a clean cut
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ease at a time when it is possible to prevent its extension. 1 :
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arsenic -f fer^re to bear. ] Containing or yielding
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dled with, and then the tendo Achillis should be divided. Three to
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cation of the treatment. Two interesting cases are reported.
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to formulate some definite rules which will enable us
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require from us any further commendation than that which is
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method thirty minutes were required to produce surgical anaes-
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able to demonstrate the truthfulness of this supposition. Yet
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tensive counter-irritation by means of sinapisms ap-
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pital. Submit CV, availability date to John D. Lord,
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marched to the mess hall, fully as absurd as the con-
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This state of delirium, followed by contraction of the pupil and coma,
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testines matted together, and was found to consist of a
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(1) A 0.5 per cent, solution of sodium nitrite. (2) A solution of 5 gm. of
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to be objective, for the temperature begins to rise with the onset of
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Definition. — An artificial communication between an artery and a vein.
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emove any doubts that may have arisen on the subject of identity. Metal
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during life in correlation with the lesion found post mortem, then
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work, as an accident which occasions death in a considerable proportion
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December 16, swelling of one foot began at 11 o'clock, with
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