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ibly greater than is supposed. Von Bunge's ^ statistics, gathered

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svphilis. Thus, Edward Martin \ reports a case in a man,

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always indicated. Symphysiotomy is not available in these

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the organ or at times upon the borders, of j)early whiteness, resembling

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these appearances were quite different from those seen

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distress in the back of the head. This patient refused to

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it is noticed that the improvement halts ; and presently

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must obviously have much to do with the site of origin of cal-

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the use of this evacuator was from the weight and in-

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numbers of giant red cells (mer/oJohlasts or (jigantohJasis, Ehrlich) are

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Phila., 1899, n.s.,cxvii, 285-305. . Tbebistologyof Du-

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in which is given the per cent, of fat-free dry substance. With

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Fort Reno, Okla., to Ban Francisco, Cai., en route for service In the

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often cited as an evidence of the bad effects of muscular contraction and of the

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The musculospiral nerve, and its main branch, the radial, supply sensa-

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than is the case with hotel blankets. All linen is renewed each

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hand having persisted long after the movements of the extensor muscles had

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Hmb. When properly arranged, it was found that the weight of the limb below the

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patient presented himself with an ischio-rectal cavity, from which a large

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become loose, and even wholly separated from the verte-

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juxtaposition. Upon the whole, the arrangement of the tests

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discovered by Donne (1837) in the vaginal secretions of women. The

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and is now affording relief to forty widows and nineteen

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however, taking place, the air is beard to rush with remarkable

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and straightforward cellulitis." " In by far the greater

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that the heart weakness in severe toxic cases lies in pathologic lesions in the

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hospital shall be written up, they will show a triumph of conservative

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The following ph3rsicians of the county were present, viz.: Drs.

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have been discharged, 18 pardoned, 4 escaped, 5 died, 1 shot,

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There was one critic who seemed rather tired, and him I

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organic pathology, as more striking than the functional

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Regular in the open air is of the first impor-

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alterations of the cu'culating white corpuscles. Constitutional

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