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mented by an improper diet and in the management of the skin the
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proliferation due to injection of Scharlach E, oils, etc.), the subtler proc-
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The effects of a poor diet in predisposing to cholera will per-
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body has passed in the water, with the time of the suspected birth.
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rived from the various efibrts made at difi-'erent times to divide and dis-
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ation along its edge, of typical tubercular appearance. The ulcers
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in a polluted water than in a pure water. It is probable that symbiosis
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thing, and at each cast the sounding lead sank deep into, and
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the benefit of the full length of the cord. In many cases this is
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mental condition. Some may perhaps be inclined to regard this
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"being poorly." It is important that during menstruation she should
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development of shock. He is by no means orthodox in his
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the scientifically trained physician;" per contra, we are hearing it said
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we will report later. The signs as seen in the radiogram are: emphy-
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somewhat darker. In this they are especially differentiated from the
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material relating to geographic distribution of pellagra, so that those
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set down to individual peculiarity ; but with all respect to our
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must secure the removal of the entire corn together with
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by different infants. Some needed a number of calories decidedly above
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hereafter. An annual report of the measures adopted is now
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evacuation of the aqueous humour through the large corneal
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the effects of cocaine upon the general system are but
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compared with the demonstration of their presence, in large numbers, in freshly
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The following guest editorials by sophomore medical
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turbance is constant and associated with profound cir-
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modic cramps associated with flatulence ; and he is reported as having
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only as guide-posts but as stumbling-blocks. The wild claims
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There was a bruised and swollen state of the gemta s ; th e l ymu was no
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words, the influence of this morbid matter, when in sufficient quantity, excites
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avoid remarking, that if the Guinea worm were received into
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causes, such as those proceeding from certain occupations — washing,
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which are excellently reproduced. Abundant references to the
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to the significant fact, that each of these four authors, Gordon, Hey,
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street, E.C., London, who supply also the other German Mineral Waters.
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evening temperature less high than that of the preceding day ; the stools
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said, will surely make the tourist repent his temerity,

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