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larger Professional income than that represented by the sum returned by

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a special science : it is merely a department of derma-

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ings in the ne^k, groin, and axilla, we should at once have thought of leucocytksemia,

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It has fallen to my lot to see a number of cases of appendicitis in

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ranks of the profession of unworthy means to secure a local

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nookecl at the hilum. They shrink in drying, fled by a lens,

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specimens were removed from a woman, forty seven years

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but an indifferent guide to vulnerary effect. Previ-

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thalmic, 11 a.m. — St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. — St.

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or is at the very most so extremely slight as to be negligible.

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of the secondary cancers when they appear; nor are they met with in the

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certain hour of each day, often walked together ; and Mr. Sar-

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of pus be no larger than in a corresponding case of cystitis. Exten-

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before the Boston Lyceum, on the 14th inst. He is a fine writer.

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proportion to the impressed voltage. In the mirror the coil shows us

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one of the earliest symptoms ; it is felt in the epigastrium, and radiates

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tion. As a means, therefore, to this end, we feel constrained to recommend

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1712-1790.— OZti Vienna School: Van Swieten, 1700-1772. De Haen,

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3. Never take, taste, or give any thing, whether powder or fluid in the dark, or without looking

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The Pontine marshes have often been regarded as the source of the fever

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Chester, on July 17 last, and carefully considered the question,

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217-219. Alxo. transl.: Cliu. opht.. Par., 1899, v, 39-41.—

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it up as inconvenient. It would seem that blood and irrigation fluid

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ourselves that there is a deplorable want of perception

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where there is local arterial injury, as in aneurysm.

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chicklj smeared with white-precipitate ointment, or with a paste made

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aiid salutary arrangement that the de- dard of qualification ought to be re-

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from 8 to 10 eggs, or to 250 grammes of meat — ^was the

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speaks strongly in favour of the view that the real cause of death is cadiac para-

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and practice in the diseases of children." One man tells

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with variola (small-pox), and three died. It is difficult to

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on account of the escape of the body into the peritoneal

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ment of the tendon as compared with the duration of the supposed chronic

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valvular lesion. Clinically, an apex systolic bruit is undoubtedly the more

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