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right at hand. If the men were made to subsist on rice they

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would be to append the words "in abnormal quantities."

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to his work as a carpenter. He had such severe pain

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Definitions. — Disinfection means the destruction of the agents caus-

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who do not exert themselves much, simple lassitude and

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fever ; and at the end of a year the cui-e remained

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3s. 6d. for the first three hundred cases vaccinated by

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have administered to the following complaints with great success, to

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What is really necessary in such cases is warm water

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10. HENSOHEN. Neural. Centralblatt, 1886, ]. 424. 11. Idem. Pathol. "d. Gchirns, 2.

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cul-de-sac was obliterated, and bulging down into the

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obstinate remittent fevers, contained ten parts of sulphate of

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tained some (Jram-nep^ative diplococci. Cultures of the sputum showed

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two years of age. No accurate history could be obtained, as the mother was dead,

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gating or drenching the parts during an operation were by

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W. Dollar and H. Moller. Cloth, size 6 1-2 x 10 853

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civilian practice but also to those in the Medical Corps of the

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falx cerebri. The inner aspect of the dura shows rusty discoloration,

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that most frequently come in the fall, and that we call impetigo con-

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and its brief duration, threw more than a doubt on such a

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become aware of any unusual change in them. Hence they may

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twice daily applications of 2% 5-FU in propylene glycol. (C) One year later showing absence of keratoses.

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minuria and convulsions. And out of this association a double

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decide on their fitness to work, and have the power to dismiss them at the end of

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knee-jerk on one or both sides is diminished or abolished ; the opinions

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