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The following physicians were duly nominated to membership :

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adopted by Cahours, thus, Au 98.18 (not far from Graham, Au 99.6)

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other circumstances, and as they are to all other classes — as, for example,

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both dead, and she was anxious for another. She was

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be cured and the patient's life saved. If it is seen

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scholtzia califoniica. Bull, et nieiii.Soc. de iherap.. Par.,

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either none, or but a slight disproportion between the head and

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the lymph sinuses, producing red columns radiating from the hilus to

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of Local Anaesthesia for Surgical Opera- (work with the electrical force, I began in

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attack confers immunity against others, as a rule, and he

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Bills for England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland respectively

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or oppressed, when the head is bent backwards,) or of the intestines.

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always a reliable tlisinfectant, and the skin is not easy to

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only has descended, there is no ground, cceteris paribus, to impute impotency :

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at the place of origin of that nerve, where a small softened excavation

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timonial for having made two hundred runs at cricket

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In one of my cases the prostate had so constricted the prostatic

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schoolmaster, too lazy to work and too stupid to learn ; or the visit of some

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ficiency in study. And it would be well if the student,

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Mr. B. Typhosis has engaged an high-spirited an:l good-looking house-fly for transportation purposes this

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when due investigation is made, it will almost always be found

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over this path is more difficult than the normal sinoventricular path.

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Citation for Meritorious Service from the President’s Com-

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been enabled to reproduce the latter in the Volume now before us, completed in

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been no evidence of any deleterious effects on these parts of the neurons.

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in the extremity thus spasmodically contracted. The direct

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This volume contains a number of interesting clinical

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29 ; and Munchener medicinische Wochenschrift, 1893, xl, 564.)

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time of puberty the temperament and physical constitution of

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own peculiar distribution, and is absent or very rare

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