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and is too common for the physician to say it is liver disease.

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All to be taken at once after twenty-four hours' fasting,

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having prescribed calomel, the other would prescribe

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ing until, in some instances, what should have been streams

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Durham, Mr. A. E., on the operation of opening the larynx 178

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the vitality of their ova, other eruptions are induced which give rise to great

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of the human body, and of the diseases to which it was sub-

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der. Giebt es ein ilittel Fieber zu eneaen? Ztsclir. f.

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entire experiment; but the feed per 100 pounds gain and the money

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galvanized wire basket, with a tall handle, was placed

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“Today we are in the protein era.’’* This terse but meaningful state-

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attach considerable importance to a spirochaete with abruptly tapering ends. They

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attain such end, most hospitals are still in a process of develop-

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warm baths, which lower the tension in both arteries and yeins, are

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large, dark, and soft, and upon section drips blood. The condition is

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inch deep, heal entirely in forty-eight hours." Sir Spencer AVells is said to

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Should the symptoms merely consist of the susceptible state of body and

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The sound is somewhat like the falling of drops in a closed cask

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alteration, or it may even fall. If pericarditis should take its origin during

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body which they attack — the bone, cartilage, mus-

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unfortunate in its influence upon medicine. The noxa, he

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Dr. Louis Frank : I am sorry to say that the practice of paying

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Dr. Magnus's ''Anleitung zur Diagnostic der centralen

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cause. There is no disguising the fact. Indeed, so great

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2. Congestive Heart Failure. Although diltiazem has a negative

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5. The total acidity in our cases followed a curve of con-

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pus by methodic aspiration with a hypodermic syringe. The aspirations

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baiting. The Church of England Clergy, their superior exef-

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constant acceleration of pulse." Upon auscultation of his chest

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