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For the first two or three days it was hoped that the limb might be saved, for
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came to never diagnosing the disease ai all during life.
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''''■■^'^'■'' CI'.! '•■' ii..rn;,il ..iliii,. M.luti.iii ^niii.iinin- H\<. Ici-p. ..mfu!^
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growth. If the child's parents, in a case of glioma of the first or
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date with the commercialism of the North. With that case
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these or other remedies provoke vomiting, they will be likely to do more
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the tonsils moderately enlarged, but not hyperaemic; the
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Uraemia and convulsions, then, are common to puerperal nephritis, as
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remarkable feature was this growth, invading and taking
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as a writer, and as an accomplished physician, affords a satisfactory
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down to normal towards the end of the third week. If, however, an un-
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belly of the muscle, and free section of all the resisting structures, had
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ting through the nerves in their course, or perhaps by destroying to a certain length the^r
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stretched over the bones, obliterating the natural lines
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impossible; that, for example, of tying a cord around the finger, to "starve it to
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pressure above if possible, but when adhesions and only a partial col-
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the former system of medical education, they would be
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known and handled in a manner familiar to all. But when we come to
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put forward of dividing the soft parts by the galvanic cautery,* or
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coincide with the cardiac movements, but follows them.
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breathing and with the circulation is commonly the result of the upward
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here, to prove that cold is a negative quality, and
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fatty acids, becomes only incompletely oxidized, L e., only to
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With regard to treatment, he would say that the iodides
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direction occurs. By applying rotational motion it is possible to re-
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skin or its appendages. Many causes have been assigned ; it has been
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their arguments were certainly no more authentic than those
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lOth. — -The weight had increased to 103 pounds, and the
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iodide of potassium. The specific treatment was stopped for the time being, and
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of employing the Tartrate of Sanguinarine in my medical practice, by
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prolonged for the production of a distinct bruit. Its rarity
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plain, it has had — like so many plausible explanations —

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