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occupied by a fine white scar. In the other the disease

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attribute the maintenance of the normal blood-pressure to the

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knife, after great pressure from a tumor, or from a displaced

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Wash the bowel with this. Examine the bowel carefully to see if it

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provided with a cock in such a manner that either the air in the cylin-

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Various other eruptions have .also been mentioned as

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The triturations of Bolubilia are preferable, whereas, the Sublimate acts

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facts, already known, naturally group themselves around it, we

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able to all the people. To shorten the lag between discov-

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Diuretin or theobromine salicylate, from three to five

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(splia^robacteria, micrococcus, Cohn : micrococcos, streptococ-

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health-preserver, being the means through which the

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proved to be of remarkable curative value. There was

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condition fair, but showing evidences of emaciation. Her heart and lungs were

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condition is certain, but that it constitues the pathological condition ex-

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service in drawing their minds to this consideration ; but they should not

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Correspondence Invited. Please Mention The " Medical Annual."

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In forty-nine cases, of persons between twenty and forty years of age,

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subsequent incarceration. Usually it is the wall of the small

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of blood, the discharge of pus and shreds of tissue, anemia, pain, fever,

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chief resident. He received the degree of Master of

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B(>nhani. of lVnns\ Ivania ; H. N. Todd, of Indiana.

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of the acid by reference to the excess of amonia given off from the body during

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and latissimus dorsi muscles, the most prominent part hav-

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sion of a constitutional tendency." Undoubtedly in the

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than to dwell on the practical difficulties which have

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basophilia develops. As a matter of fact, polychromatophilia is often

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to prenatal care. The survey results showed that for a

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Two large wash basins. Olive oil, eight ounces ; one bar of Ivory

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not surpassed by electricity. So far as facility of applica-

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