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and you find her much prostrated, complaining of pain in the
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immune, with respect to the disease, but suffering from its in-
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V. 1. Die Lehre von der Verdauung. Einleitung in die
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leucorrhoeal discharge, may result from a concealed tuber-
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more by movement of the joint ; if the hand be laid on it, we may al-
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and what would have been far worse, many deaths and much
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force. But for this, life would be impossible under the cir-
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ings as high as was deemed advisable it was found that the
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the six preceding years, and the fall of average temperature
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by operation, and that the insanity of a great number of these patients is
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Senegal and the Congo, L. maculosa Grube 1859 Singapore.
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The onset of the disease is usually insidious. It is
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in particular been shown to be most fallacious. The
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273, 278 ; bills, it'jmizing, 100 ; certificates in daily
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coccal urethritis may be the starting point for a fatal septicaemia, induced
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As now recognized the plague bacillus, when in smears from pathological material,
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proportionately rare. In Spain its frequency on the elevated
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tina. I am of the belief that the diagnosis can be made with certainty
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sensitive Italian examiners are in a sorry plight when they liave
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Audsley of Livei"pool, and handsomely bound in mor-
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physician and surgeon are making up their minds is far safer than
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frequently to swelling than to ulceration of the vocal cords ; the tume-
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Pathology Nomenclature of Diseases Subdivisions of General Pathology, viz.,
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the patient had to be kept almost continu- ceive due consideration. Where the treat-
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trary, if voided with the urine in large quantities, are of positive
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or uncircumscribed form. The heart-disease is in its left cham-
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larly by its stimulus on the salivary glands, it may
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apparently of spontaneous origin. (Vide Endocarditis in the section on Dis-
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