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by the theory of polymorphism. Where can we find an analogy
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pneumonia, or in rare instances suggest malaria. The temperature
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nated secondary or tertiary, may occur at all periods of the
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des kystes paia tubaires. Semaiue gynec. Par^ 1896, i,
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QO oJ t- 00 00 00 o: t-^ 05 o ^' t> t> c» (X) «' oi t'-' Oi csi
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• \"on Noorden: Die Zuckerkrankheit und Ihre Behandlung, p. 44,
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VY. H. Stone, M. D., has located at Taunton, Mass., and not at Hamburg, 111., as
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or as it is vulgarly named. White Vitriol; a salt of
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syndrome): The current recommended adult oral dosage is 150 mg
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also occurs when the labour is unusually quick owing to forcible uterine
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It is very important that there be no scar or thickening left. Do
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for the production of the currents of commerce, both direct and
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be no transmission of an acquirement. The mother is not sup-
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37 Valedictory Address, Miami Medical College. B. W: Mitchell.
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beneficial because they promote healthy nutrition. They facili-
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After premising a short history of the disease, in which the
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nating germ, and this germ is never broughl into activity
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can be traced to the immersion of the feet in cold water,
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Of the third class ten cases are presented with the
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cussed are plainly set forth. A table of contents would add to
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American Medical Books. — It is a matter of surprise that more medical
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typhoid fever, but this disease in reality only accounts for a
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systems, the loss of the circular disposition of the bony arches around the
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Korte says that the results which we have seen certainly warrant us in the fur-
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rectal trouble. In consequence of a good physique and an active life
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to a satisfactory test; although I quite realize that
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he worked away under Mr. Dudley Hudson, a brother of his old
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They consider that the parasite reaches the nervous system by spreading
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of the writer's cases the vena cava Avas filled with a non-adherent growth,

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