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before. Webster, however, from the study of his frozen sections, considers

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regarded it as due to dehydration of the tissues — nerves and muscles —

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tate little things in their path, such as molecules, and as this

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Of his Imperial and Royal Highness the Most Serene Archduke Albrecht are for the

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logical nature of these cacoplastic consolidations of tlio lung.

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he deserves promotion if he survives the desperate attempts of both

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ficial Colors on Digestion and Health, II, Salicyclic Acid and Salicylate |

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June. Wanzel, quoted by Ruge, who had made a close study of the

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been given to any charitable institution at one time, and when

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blood in stools. Gastric series after barium meal negati\'e. Para-

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two Physicians in exact accordance with that which, when

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bulging of the prsecordial region -with widening of the' intercostal spaces,

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opium to attain the same end in young children ; indeed, morphia as a

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until both sides are equally black, when the axis is read off.

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lawyer known to win his cases by any means possible and to get

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ment of carbolic acid, gr. v., glycerin, 3i., lanolin, 3ij-, and vase-

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profession, justifiy us in asking the good rates that we do for

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plexus and in the lining of the cerebral ventricles. MM. Cornil

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strong styptic, and then apply sustained pressure until clots are well

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tions I have come to the conclusion that, for an adult, eight drops

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In our chronology we have reached the year '70. The annual

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not gastrotomy was a proper operation to perform for impass-

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ties and even the sohd organs of other animals. These crea-

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in a number of cases of infection with the colon and proteus bacilli,

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easier on my visit at ten o'clock, when I drew off eight

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November 4, 1899, quotes Wunderlich as stating that 4

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putrefaction, but also in changes of atmospheric pressure. In normal con-

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ject of hydro-therapeutics, pharmaco-dynamics, and hy-

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in a person who had committed a crime, physical abnor-

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classes, more or less distinct, but representing different stages of the

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