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existence in the intestines of the domestic animals. We there-
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then noticed on back, chest and abdomen, only a few appearing on
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by reflex action resulting from a torpid liver? I forgot to state
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those not associated with well-defined organic changes, such as hysteria and
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In most cases, the patient at first feels only fatigue in the
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The contents may be fluid, thick or cheesy. The micro-
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frequency nor pain on micturition ; the urine may be normal as to its amount
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I have used the salts of manganese, in anaemia, but do not think them
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eases of spinal meningitis, pyelitis, or spinal congestion, vi which
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In the horse, larger doses are required; although in one case
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— (1.) Bronchitis, or bronchial irritation at least, with fever, in
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sixth edition (Bailliere, Tindall & Cox); Eden's Ma mi a I of Midwifery,
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notched, and show a thinness of the free edge, an atrophy of the summit, and
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The following gentlenaen also, on the same day, passed their
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ex -Member of the Board of Managers of the House of Refuge.
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the smallest quantity of water the resulting solution will measure nine
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chamber of the injured eye have occurred at periods varying
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550 Patliology and Treatment of Poisoning hij Trinitrotoluene
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to the skin. It is usually given in doses of half a drachm or a drachm, either in pi]
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child-bearing period, they are far less important as
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readily removed. This relieves the pressure, and for a time
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nitely answered by these instances, for we cannot say
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Aicli. di ottal., Palermo. 1896-7, iv, 277; 360.— Pardee
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organized matter. The duration of the forms that matter assumes,
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currence have been omitted. The book is concise, com-
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of the epiglottis, is attended with great pain upon deglutition, and consti-
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may predicate the following as certain : Defibrinated
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valid, for coeliotomy could be immediately performed
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lest confidence even in the virtue of that female whose sympathies could
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swelling about her legs, and she has hu'mic murmurs. Her spleen
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primary or secondary to an undetected infection. A blood culture
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