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Phenergan Uses And Side Effects Weight Gain

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mirror, and of successfully applying remedial agents to the

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wliether the drug be the right one or not, it cannot be absorbed by

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tion, but following injections may be followed by no such change. On

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drate. The patient eventually died of uremic convulsions.

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cavity of the vaginalis and the peritoneal cavity, and clin-

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41, fever 21, small-pox (Mam-lnMci' :;, .'->alfor.i 2, London, Leices-

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tion, there naturally occur some parts to which criticism might be

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damp ground, has produced it. The adequateness of other agencies which

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this red sand, collected by one of my out-patients at the hospital.

phenergan uses and side effects weight gain


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depression which was extreme. Both the electricity and the massage

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this condition being that the patient shall Avear, both night and

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shade. June IMh. — Yesterday a weak lotion of Alum (gr. iij to 5j of water) was

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that in the placental vessels. There had been no hem-

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most melancholy sight was to see the fathers and mothers,

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(P.) Etiologia e cura della malaria. Morga,2ni, Milano,

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of the deep cellular tissues of the neck. As r^ards the

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A case of extreme trichiasis has just been under observation, in

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transfixing the textures once. A loop of wire is passed over

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root is preferred in Germany ; the dose is somewhat less.

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first seen both the rotatory and the metabolic movements

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The first number of a Medical journal in Turkish has just

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skull was thin, the bones seemed rather brittle, but

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perience. Eye-strain as a cause of eye- headaches is due

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lieved him. This case was a very interesting one. Here was a healthy

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Braid was carrying out the usual passes, while he, in fact, did

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isms ; under the exudate the external epithelium is necrotic and contains

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