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found, as most surgeons probably have, that the simple starched

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on both sides should l^e destroyed. Of this character are, first, those of

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insisted on by Galen and many others, (Diet, des Scien. Med.

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placed in the fluid. After twenty-four hours the threads are covered with

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largement of the lymphatic glands, in wliich, in fact,

phenergan sleeping tablets travel sickness

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cancer when eaten. This opinion uttered to the millions of

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stage of violent bowel complaints, dropsical swellings,

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ment, and as such of so great value that Raymond Lully

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year 1902, has recently appeared in pamphlet form. It is

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ago now by a Dutch chemist Van Deen^ to employ a solution of

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ovaries, Tait's consists chiefly in removing the Fallo-

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coagulated. These might be propelled into the brain,

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But raise the conjunctiva to the cornea, and at the line of

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The radiograph of the pelvis (Figure 1 ) shows a dense calcifi-

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condition was defective secretions, and prescribed accord-

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Boyle is supposed to have been one of the first persons who got a

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structure of the tumours, to wit: — 1. Tubercula fungosa. 2. Tubercula

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After all, the important question for each young man to ask himself as

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■whose further tenure of office was to be thus summarilv

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Trendelenburg Posture; The Sterilization of Sponges; An An-

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that it be avoided. Not only in industrial life, but among those

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turbances of the brain, or the irregular and excessive excitement

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almost invariably, and usually within forty-eight hours after the initial

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ined varied between 86 and 121 per cent, of the normal figure, while

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extended a similar invitation on behalf of Grand Rapids,

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which, commencing as irritation, twitching, and con-

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on having reached the second tangible position in this interesting

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tinct tumor, two inches in length and one and one-half in

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ing the spread of pleuro^pneumonia among the cattle

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constantly increase the arterial pressure. It is, however, a diffi-

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well-being in the United States have either stopped im-

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enced by suggestion ; and they are too apt to be incurable. It is likewise an

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held in Hendersonville, October 12, 1922. There were eighty-one

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Iodoform in a pill or capsule in doses of ^ to 3 grains (0.032-0.2) has been

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