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local spindle-form swelling develops. When the condition is more advanced
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gations bearing upon the Medical Science and Art will be
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particularly relied consisted chiefly in the adminis-
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or dead body may often furnish important circumstantial evidence. If there
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In forty-nine cases, of persons between twenty and forty years of age,
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and in traumatic tetanus, warm and stimulating baths, as well as Russian
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life in matter are carried on by protoplasm through the agency of
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takes place to any considerable extent during the course of the experiment.
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sils and adenoid tissues in the nasopharynx, it would
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glion, and an excretory system. There is a segmentation cavity (forming a
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this disease, ten of which recovered. My first case, the one that died, sank
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saw him two years before. Kaclj inspiration, however,
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before the hard fits came on, instead of coughing her head
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sino-auricular node to the right auricle and the auriculoventricular
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one-half hours, and usually relieved at the end of this time, or at any
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later he was still under observation. He had gained six pounds
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papulie^ not maaiiw. The elevation is distinctly felt if the finger te
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subjected to it. The difference between the periods mentioned, was owing
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his moral courage failed; he could not summon a resolution strong
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persistent but not excessive, and a great deal of time was spent in
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no change. Suppression, however, came on gradually during the last
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in course of time, the origin of recent cellular pathology ;
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healing, why it should he connected with the goddeaa
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re-embarking the party. At the risk of his own life with his
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Warm poultices, containing poppy heads or belladonna leaves are
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days, we were equally unable to obseive any dilatation of the
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giving carbohydrates, it must be remembered that the action of ptyalin is s^on
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Now, in considering the symptoms to be met in these psycho-
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