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have persisted with remissions and are the two | the arms and legs. She is uncertain whether it was

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Nard F. Smith, Tenn.; Sam L. Wadley, Texas; Thomas D. Wilson,

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year) he was appointed one of Abdurrahman's private

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ine mucous membrane and then irrigatmg, was to be recom-

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Dr. Vance : The patient is a lady, fifty-six years of age. When I

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in Table II in which no urea was injected. The reduction in the rate

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this has entered through the open mouths of eroded lymph-vessels in the

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Nachweis von in das Augeninnere eiugedrungeneu Fremd-

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Since we all must admit that there does occur a spontaneous cure

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two kinds of this wort, one is that which the Africans

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matory tumors of the intestine were, with few exceptions, not de-

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be instantly removed from the ward, either to be burned or disinfected by

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and stated that he still became short of breath on hurrying or on going

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tively, and they require a concurrence of causes to develop them into a

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whom responsibility for the transportation of the sick devolves, in

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cance of the procedure. The following table illustrates the

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direct ingress of air ; and the freer egress of the bronchial sputa

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tation of some portion of the aortic arch, but there was no pulsation.

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manuscript, homceopathy popped up in the most unexpected and

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Two Types of Portable Gas-Oxygen Apparatus ... ... ... 16

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dige Krankengesch. [etc.], 8°, Halle, 1795, 253-208.—

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gonococcus shows a predilection for mucous posite picture, a combination of symptoms

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last faruncle has disappeared. As the iodide of iron

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which does not exist in nature. On the other hand, his dia-

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prolonged in trichinosis. In the case of a child three

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29, page 744) viscinum dupuratum is a substance prepared from bird

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patient's recovery. toys. When seven months pregnant her

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stated. There are a number of authorities on cirrhosis of the liver

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