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that the Code of Ethics of the Association ] the essays were referred to the Committee

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glands are irritated the margins of their openings become infiltrated

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feeders. Among the vegetarians — monkeys, antelopes,

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Not by Ignorance. That has been tried, only to fail, quite too long

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in France, from 1854 to 1869, the number of travellers

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those employing these nurses throughout the city. The fees

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out the canal of the cervix, and for a time relieve the patient

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The natural sequel to the dermatitis is the exfoliation of the

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tinctly and clearly what is our opinion and position, it i»

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ral and ordinary state of the parts ; but some years since 1 was

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leadership for establishing a State Health Council in

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TOight be eligible for the office." Upon this point we adhere

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Aeti<>l()j;i(! des Friichttodes in der Geburt. 8^.

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the appearance of a stone, and then a profuse flow of

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Treatment. — No remedy is known which will arrest the pathological

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ceptible of being ingrafted on the surface of the granulations and becoming

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their students ? Are our Medical Boards not dissatisfied with the

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An acid rabbit blood agar about a month old, but kept sealed, was used. On

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ture and growth of the tissues, that he has himself

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Whethfior these consist hi derangement of fimctloti merely^

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ardent spirits than a cow or a horse; and Kirk, that fifteen out of twenty cases of liver

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failure to do so. Secs. 156.14; 156.15 (1), Wis. Statutes.

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filtering and adding water sufficient to make the filtrate measure

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ing, to keep the bowels moist and warm, and to combat shock.

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factory result. She was an unmarried girl of 26, who had a

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oughly permeated with air, and clear themselves of bron-

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useful for this end, given in doses of from fifteen to thirty drops. The

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Cuvier writes — "the form of bodies is more essential to them than the

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