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Dr. Richard McGee gave a series of conferences on acute leukemia, blood cell

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ache, languor, sleeplessness, general exhaustion, constitute the nervous

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tattooed marks on his arm, which were wan ting on the arm of the

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humor of an ox, and placed in a well-closed glass vessel, there

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New yor*, July 94, 1839. NIGOLL H. DER1NG, M.D., Regittrmr.

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or baths. No. 449880; April 7. 1891.' . Basin-fixture.

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la Habana, 1895, xxi, 507-514.— ila Veiga (A.) Etiologia

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ent at the end of a week. During the first two days

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We shall see within the next few years a complete change in the atti-

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provide him or her with additional assistance; it is not

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During the fourteen years the high points have been distributed among

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sac within the layers of the dura mater, communicating by a fine passage

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42 Gonorrhea and Chancroid — Their Modem Treatment. M. A.

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has been removed, but this cannot always be depended upon.

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cogitata quaedam circa telae aranearum in febribus intermitten-

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MENTAL patients have every comfort that their home affords.

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which they unanimously reached the conclusion that the

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between December -ith and February 8lli. He developed

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a careful examination generally reveals bacteria, while the amount of urine

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is not every one that is born or trained to be a good reader,

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ers conforming to the standards and processes of the Pharma-

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granular'surface, interspersed here and there with haemorrhages,

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than eighteen inches to two feet below the surface.

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other astringent shall be used in stick form. If used at all to

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situation, but I was surprised to find it empty. — Did you express

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8 Rules of the Chertsey, Lymington, Godstone, and Lewisham Boards of

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cerebral embolism, cerebral rheumatism, endopericardo-pleuritis, conges-

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