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The standard methods of pericardiocentesis use a sub-
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columns of reputable publications, and we shall find the
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the chief of a laboratory works on some preconceived
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with acid fuchsin, eosin, or other plasma stains, but
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ill the rectum, and the whole bowel is irrigated with i per cent, solution of
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so that every intermediate form is found between the vibrio at Massowa,
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communicate with the director of railways and with the intendant
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3. Three Cases of Double-sided Symmetrical Contracture_ of
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toxin is still. uncertain; and much work butterfly. It was the people who were
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Eeferring to Dr. O'Farrell's remarks he said that it struck
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the sides of the vaginal orifice, the junction of skin and mucous membrane is
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hours he would eventually arrive at some distant, one-room log house, warmed bv
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the rib surface, and removed as described earlier under
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Goitre and its Surgical Treatment Dr. C H. Mayo, Rochester.
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sembles in its pathology the like infection of the oviducts. It would
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however, even in this case empties itself fairly well.
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the Crimean War, during the American Civil War, and during the siege
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walking " in the prevention and correction of the adduction so
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the appearance of a stone, and then a profuse flow of
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manifest. These diarrhceic stools are peculiar, partly papescent and part-
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theory, we may consider the position in Diphtheria as far as the
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the slightest pain. The shortness of the uterus being
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^â– ompounded them another ? Plaintiff : Yes. The Judge :
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Paris Correspondent tell us of attempts to introduce the study
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department of the University of the City of New York
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la section des enfants 6pileptiques et idiots. Recher-
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tire right lung respiratory sounds are absent, whilst
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and months the food of the patient has been exclusively animal food,
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arrival toward its fatal ending, even if this has been somewhat delayed
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should always be considered. (3) In certain non-trau-
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And his very antagonisms were productive of good to mankind by

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