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8th. — Expectoration established at the third dose. The pain

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to Centre St, Dorche st er. Telephone, Dortkmtar 80

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serpent : so called because reputed to be an anti>^

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vue Hospital (where they had been operated on). However,

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theatre of war we looked forward to the assured victory which

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1*79; for several years one of the School Visitors in

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in the ears, weakness, and incapacity for mental or

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Hi- Dame was Alexander Selkirk, a Scotsman, who had been left

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the Upper Air-tract.— Dr. F. H. Boswortii read a paper on

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ophthalmoscope, fixed in a spectacle-frame, enables

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others declare that what the defendant did was con-

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7. The placing of other names, designations, or symbols (for exam-

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blood-pressure. Since the blood-pressure furnishes a resistance to the cardiac con-

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lemon juice, as being likely to affect the blood. Dr.

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angles to its long axis. STow, with the plate outside the

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who compressed a minute artery of a frog's tongue (a

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is almost immediately, I begin pouring ether on the top of this, using

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conferences at some central and accessible point in each of the twelve

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CUTTER Jas. Bird, 4960, San Francisco, Cal., Med. Dept. Univ. Oregon, April 3, 1S93.

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ened and permit the albumen of the blood to drain away through

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which at first served to unite the edges of the wound, but now some-

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glasses at the will of the observer. In examining the

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sulphaemoglobinaemia is associated with cyanosis and constipation, that

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in the act of falling asleep, it occasionally happens that conscious-

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had been intoxicated was not asked. One of these cases was

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]iupils were sluggish, he was nervous, he did not sleep

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a partial tenotomy of the internus, gives us hope. We cannot do a

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seems to be usual in cases of herpes affecting such parts.

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