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speedily. I am credibly informed thai leper patients are

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family. In one of these cases chorea followed upon the rheum--

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after the second, two hours subsequent to the first.f In the case

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and that they have a definite, if but limited, field of usefulness

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bility of these cases, a short epitome of the history of each

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time, varying from fourteen to twenty-eight days. She was then readmitted to

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four " immovable pillars " of Philosophy, Astronomy, Alchemy, and

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phyfician, Dr Fritze, has only feen a fever of this fort once during the

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states, and we are now able to publish the results obtained from

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on the tympanum ; sometimes also as a spontaneous lesion of nutrition in the

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risch-Geneeskundige Tentooustelling te Arnhem Juli 1899. Am-

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the unstained preparations to have a chitinous support (ax.), is a

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. Does not fall asleep until 3 in the morning. 3d day,

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be absorbed, the latter acting directly on the liver cells and liver con-

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There is no possibility of poisonous effect through the

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(Non-Surgical.) By F. FORCHHEIMER, M.D., Professor of

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(Cherry JD, Baraff LJ, Hewlett E: The past, present, and future of pertussis— The role of adults in epidemiology and future

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might leave out of account paresis as a cause. In the two cases shown anaes-

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denly of heart disease on May 28th, aged forty-three years.

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cough there is probably more or less pulmonary congestion, due to the

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The various positions to which it applies, will therefore cease to be

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When the measurement is made with a tape measure on a

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get excellent results without the use of any other drugs. I recall

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belong to the older epoch are written in the degraded Latin

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smoke is drawn through the larynx into the trachea and,

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have been enlarged; thus under the denomination of Bismuthum we find the

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cupied by a cancerous mass the size of a small apple, in

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of many pneumonias, the ice bag is useless after the first few

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