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helped him not only in localizing the seat of projectiles, but also

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scription where morjjhin or its like was written ; espe-

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lator of the Organon of Hahnemann into French ; and this

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plained on this supposition. Since then, physiologists have applied

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only lesions found in the internal organs was a slight aortic ob-

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by the hand placed over it, the patient was forced to breathe through the

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minuria were only temporary, and not so dependant on

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staff, did yeoman's duty in those early years. Certainly an

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that in about 75 per cent, of the fleas which digest blood con-

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first the disturbance consists in more or less sudden failure of vision in

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known and appreciated before the Hospital was founded, and

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of albumin removed from the body, both by the urine

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all specimens with numbers below 160 will be found described in that communication.

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no further steps were taken to locate the responsibility, as,

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numerous experiments he discovered a reflex, produced

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driven up in a heap, so to speak; and as they, in common with all the muscles,

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When a dead body is discovered it is often a matter of im-

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on a new and palatable kind being presented, and tbis perbaps for a tbifd

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the appearance is so faint as to require a great magnifying power to render it

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gait, nystagmus, vomiting, optic neuritis, etc., there was, in a case of my

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sulfonal, and other drugs to produce sleep, contrary to my

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tavo volume of 553 pages, with 176 illustrations. Philadelphia and

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The number of experiments tried by M. Cazin leaves no room

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the presence of the various fractions which had been isolated.

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to my hands.'' We have no doubt of its importance in such cases. Dr.

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indeed, whatever may be said of the theory ; because,

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the worst description. It appears that there are at present two gangs of

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s?pirits of ammonia in water if available. Do not permit the person

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either excision or amputation. Chapters V. and VI. detail the

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pressure or friction ; the almost dental hardness of the gum, consequent

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volatile fluids, upon what ground is the invention claimed

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