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continued forward, encasing the depressor muscles of the hyoid bone.

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auricle which normally during the contraction of the latter (at least according to

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ment there was in tho strictnroH ho treated. Itiil ptrinral ite.r-

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But the question, can acids or alkalies reach the urinary

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of the head and face, inarticulate speech, loss of voice, tetanus,

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of pregnancy. The author had found sugar present in the

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then would seem to be quite distinct ; and although

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from only about two-thirds of the towns of the state.

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emae. The experiments of Bernard have shown that in producing the

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but that it will fall into the negative phase and the progress of healing

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9. McNealy, R. W., and Lichtenstein, M. E. : A simple tech-

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a large mass of induration was found below the caecum, into

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not discontinue the treatment he was then having, but a single

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there may be cardiac manifestations — dyspnoea, precordial pain, and

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a cumulative effect, like digitalis, and great care is neces-

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deceased appeared to have passed unconsciously from sleep to

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about two centimetres above the symphysis, down into the abdominal

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and increase of heat production and effect on the nutritive

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able to demonstrate the truthfulness of this supposition. Yet

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symptoms occur within a week or ten days after the ingestion of tricU-

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sinuses. The few renal vessels were secured with silk.

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subject. Future experience may show that milk, which has

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chart is most characteristic, for the invasion takes place with a rapid

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formed; then add about 12 gallons more of soft water and

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to the ground. "Whilst at rest the paroxysms seldom occurred,

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remain alive for three or four months and can be observed with a -f

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benches, to listen to and profit by the lectures of French

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the cerebral fluid will lead to an internal or external hydrocephalus.

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omentum were very large, as was reported twenty-five years ago by Mr. Lizars

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When the symptoms of fatigue have passed oft', massage

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early English history from the domain of myth and imagination.

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Hypodermic Stimvlatum. — Strydmia, digitalis^ caffein, etc, like

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