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tomy. He waa interested in the statement that there was no need to

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Lt. Col. Larry Boehme - Family Practice - Hillsboro

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hemorrhage. Ether, dilation to admit two fingers, and com-

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of a general disease ; and ])neumonia deserved no higher classi-

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less stroma. The deeper part of the corium and subcutaneous

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mends hysterectomy. Since then he has steadily pur-

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The spleen may be temporarily enlarged in many of the acute infections

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Iodide of potassium has the distinction of occasionally producing a

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showed no active bleeding. The cervix was soft, with

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that the profession must be united against ophthalmic quacks

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finally passes through the dura, and then occurs the char-

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give aid in no form to the Confederates and would leave the

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ed midwives from practicing. The Sentinel, as you will perhaps

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par with that of the electrician who essayed to treat

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The following table gives a complete statement relative to

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when the spinal column receives a severe shock from a cold

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sternum and in the neck. Some days later the cervical ganglious

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the position it should continue to occupy. According to this, instruction in the

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by fusion. These cases are not confluent from the outset, and are far from

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Dr Johnston, Master of the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, was

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lymphocytes can be varied by suitable dosage of the Roentgen rays.

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with forceps; and after recovery from the puerperiuni the

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He complains of the acid eructations, but is not nauseated, and does not

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The heart was then separated and presented the following phe-

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by dissolving 25 gm. of the crystalline salt (1000 cc. = 24.83 Na 2 S 2 O 3 + 5H 2 O).

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charge too little, as a rule, for their valuable services. The

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| omd SLtti&radcLLTiQ otrM'/ier diittLSe ( for'em. .-sic TKamrwr

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1. The Comoiittee beg leave to lay before the Coimcil a table, compiled

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tendon jerks in the arras, abolition in legs. Gordon concludes that

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take the qualifying examination with the next succeeding class.

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base of the oral cavity there is one tooth directed forward. The

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for, from the history of the presence of this deformity, the condition

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mild delirium tremens, I have been able to suggest any symptom

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Browne came to England on short sick leave soon after, ar^

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in nutrition by the use of proper nervine supports.

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tained the size of a goose's egg. etc. The rapid dissemi-

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