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the nostrils. The preparations of alum, zinc, lead, tannin, etc., are less

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jaoet, Thomas Bond, Jr., of Philadelphia. Died July 17, 1793."

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amined in winter, the seminal fluid is found to contain only small

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work until such corrective measures were taken and then given

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and covered with rubber; (2) ear-tips, and (3) flexi-

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new s papers - or - fo ^ broadca s ting - over - the - radie - fof - the

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vaccination is repeated daily, as in the " vaccinization" sometimes used,

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greatly enlarged, indurated, and everted. The skin was

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us to realise the facts pointed out by Mr. Ernest Hart, that

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a few days and then operate upon them : but when there was a delay in

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A child, five years of age, which had taken the nipple with diflSculty, had

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Plate XXXV, fig. 1, shows the clearance of a passage through the centre

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struction »)f or pressure upon motor tracts in the brain

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revealed no one morbid change, yet the variations observed are con-

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rate his fallen energies, so much as the abrupt and sometimes total

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Pruritus is a dermatoneurosis characterized by the production of

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applications of machinery, the syndication of our railway

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expected by first intention, and a drain of aseptic gauze

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black as ink, and more nauseating than the vilest drug

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words, starving, not from lack of food, but from lack of digestion, then prescribe

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over. (4) Vomiting; adults were not regularly affected with this,

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combatant troops and in these perils without regard to self, cheerfully

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of his sufferings are due to the hepatic lesion. As of malignant diaeue

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lost at the wrist, and to have great swelling of the

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rhage. The agitation of the messenger (her daughter) was so great

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on "The Use of an Anaesthetic in Parturition ;" Dr.

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J uly, whereupon he had a fresh attack of pains extend-

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pleasant scent of which will speedily evaporate on exposure

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ii, 402-425. — Cai-adec (L.) Origine des peuple.s de la

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gives to my mind the most comprehensive and faithful picture, is the one

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Assizes of the Seine Inferieure. France, recently con-

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of the diphtheria antitoxin, the mortality in the two groups being nearly

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colour of the granules or sclerotia, into the black or melanoid group,

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to spread the ointments on lint and bind them on when i)racticable.

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