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ture graves, that ought to be saved ; and many of them would get well

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death soon closes the scene'; whilst in the other condition,

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silk could not slip. In smaller pedicles the artery

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acetic acid; after a moment add 1 to 2 c.c. of ether and agitate gently, then a

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received, via California, three numbers of The Australian

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sonal care of friends and is not associated with other pa-

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Dr. Hayes referred to his experience in the treatment of

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name has been mentioned by me on a previous page, was one

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of enlargement of the thoracic glands, and the spleen cannot be felt.

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catarrhal cholangitis, and treatment was begun for that condition.

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Indeed, we may not Improperly attribute every faiuly defect of con-

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government, and language. The race are mounting up to a high-

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of joints, and appears to be confounded with the wall of

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exposed to the bites of mosquitos that had previously fed on birds

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aid them in their diagnoses. I think we could probably learn much

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be replaced for another indefinite period, coupled with the accidents

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eminent medical men took part in the proceedings. Dr.

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The earliest examples of Majolica were Hispano Moresque lustre

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it was attached near the cervico-vaginal junction and close to

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no signs of having had the disease, and the mother had not had

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La. ; Vice-Presidents. Drs. Walter ^\'yman, Washington,

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citement in Chichester and its neighbouring towns. A young lady, de-

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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just

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modes of growth are sometimes found in the same specimen.

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ganic lesion of the central nervous system, particularly in

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trian territory, there were one hundred and forty-six

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tended with fluid. She was sent to the Universit}' Hospital, where the

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dinner on the ham and fowls they had brought with them ;

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