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Stoughton's Elixir. 1, Gentian 36 oz., serpentary 16 oz., dried

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all manifest monopolistic tendencies that inhibit competi-

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monary inflammation, but also gave details regarding the treatment,

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the gums, looseness of the teeth, and inflammation of the eye. iSanal

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25. Williams, Owen T., and Forsyth, Charles: Brit. Med. Jour., 1909, ii, 1120.

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Of course they called it by its Latin name of Unguentum

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Nephroptosis is only a prominent symptom of a certain

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while in other cases the ciliary body, the iris, and the choroid were

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of indoor work, such as brushmaking, can be done with

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patient it should be so spacious that the chairs can be at least four feet

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not disprove the identity and is paralleled by the in-

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existence but the most satisfactory life of which the organ-

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whose reputations to-day are world-wide, began to devote

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inert by boiling, and even an exposure of half an hour at 50° C. was suffi-

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ing. Three out of five escaped. It was also more common for them to recover

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The beauty of the diamond may aptly be compared to the possibili-

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experience is a tremor of the hands ; but various other nervous

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joining them so that the food goes straight from the

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> Joamal des Pratlclens, Vol. xvll. No. 43, 1903, p. 676.

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already seen how old is the recognition of certain phases

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munis digitorum, were fatty ; in the thigh, the rectus femo-

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each hand. Sensation to touch was good. There was no astereognosis.

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Jeiiiiel, J., Prof., a V Ecole de Medeciue de Bordeaux, etc., p.

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Causes : Syphilis, tuberculosis, acute specific fevers.

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.1 >..iidui..n Ml .(11,11,, «p,,,|ii rr-niiiiii.'. ri,!i>li Miri.'o.ii> .ittiinpt.d

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apparently of spontaneous origin. (Vide Endocarditis in the section on Dis-

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hoe and the Zerka Main; from Callirrohoe, Lt. Lynch crossed

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". , .ll -rnim (.1 pliiil'i'^r.ipli -'iii-,-,itiL' lii- i-\t rrmr -t ilr i% ii m i-

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